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What's going on here?

It goes without saying that most think of ice cream when we're asked to list our guilty pleasures. Now cross that out, replace it with HANDMADE ice cream and you've brought things up to a whole new level.

We've been experimenting with ice cream for several years to simply satisfy these cravings, we've decided it's time. Time to make it official and share these cravings with you. 

Two business owners from Hudson, electrical contractor and a loan officer from Saint Paul - normal people trying to spread some joy. We're a few friends who met in high school ( more years ago than we'd like to disclose) that have made the decision to work on building something exciting that we can pass on to our daughters. Lotus is the name of one of these sweet little girls, and that's where our name was born.

We're excited for you to try our hand dipped ice cream and for you to be a part of this new adventure of ours!

Ice Cream Party
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